PURIZE® Glass I 2000 XTRA Slim
Our activated carbon filter annual stock - in the Mixed-Colours-Edition with all colour variations and great price advantage! Yellow, green, blue, pink or do you prefer organic? You can get our activated carbon filters in many colours and we can understand if the choice of your favourite colour is difficult. That's exactly why we make the decision for you - with our 2000 glass, consisting of 2000 XTRA Slim Size activated carbon filters in all colour variations. The packaging is also impressive, so we completely dispense with plastic here and focus 100% on sustainability. All our filters are printed with environmentally friendly, food-safe colours, which also benefits nature. We have also chosen the more environmentally friendly way when it comes to the choice of activated carbon, which also offers you a clear added value in terms of quality: Coconut instead of brown coal!In addition, you also save a lot of money: The 2000 jar is our largest packaging unit, which offers you the greatest price advantage! By using glass for packaging purposes, your filters are of course also protected from external circumstances and you can twist your stock even for a very long time without hesitation. Of course, the glass can also be "recycled" afterwards in an attractive way, for example for storage purposes - sustainable and environmentally friendly! 😉With our high quality activated carbon filters "Made in Germany" you can be sure that you are not only doing yourself and your health a favour, but also your environment.Advantages:Big price advantageIncludes all colour variantsGood protection against external influencesEnvironmentally friendly and sustainableImportant: The filling type and the included colors of the activated carbon filters can vary greatly!

Content: 2000 Piece (€0.11* / 1 Piece)

222 , 00 *

PURIZE® Inside Out Papers | King Size Slim
So that you don't turn it upside down: PURIZE® Inside Out Papers Papers with 32 leaves!The special thing about this is: the adhesive strip is on the outside. So you can easily shoot Dutch style!You want the best burning behavior and tasteless papers? You can have: Our inside out papers with natural gum – vegetarian and organic. When choosing the paper, we also thought about using only the best, unbleached paper for you. These natural, unbleached fibers provide the naturally colored brown color. The grammage of our papers also speaks of quality: The papers are so thin that you can easily see through them, which is also good for the taste. Advantages:Best burning behaviorTastelessHigh quality14.5 gsm Contents:1 pack

1 , 50 *

PURIZE® Metal Tray | White
The Metal Tray is perfect for use as a rotating base!Advantages:order in the smoking needsexclusive designperfect construction basematerial: metaldimensions: approx. 27 x 16 x 2,5 cm

5 , 00 *

PURIZE® x HAZE Bundle | Premium
Together with HAZE we have developed a new bundle. And this bundle has it in it!You have the chance to win 2 x 2 PURIZE® Festival One tickets | 25-26.08.2023The PURIZE® x HAZE Bundle Premium contains the following products:1x HAZE Pocket Kit1 x HAZE Metal Grinder1 x HAZE Glass 100 XTRA Slim Size without activated carbon3 x HAZE King Size Slim (with 32 leaves each) 2 x HAZE x CLIPPER® - Red

84 , 00 *

PURIZE® Inflatable Jibbit
The PURIZE® Jibbit - inflatableYou are still looking for the right accessories for your living room wall or want to be well armed at the next festival? Our PURIZE® Jibbit will help you in the best way, because, no matter where, with our Jibbit you will definitely attract attention!

12 , 90 *

250 PURIZE® XTRA Slim Size | pink
Available colors:
Filterstyle: Pink
The PURIZE®-Original: Our XTRA Slim Size Filter in a 250 pack! Our smallest activated carbon filter is delivered in a re-sealable and practical 250-pack, which offers you a price advantage compared to smaller packs. You can also get our 250 in all available colours: pink, organic, blue, green and of course in the classic white design! Our stand-up pouch not only ensures that your filters are presented in a nice way, but also creates the best storage conditions for your filters, so they are perfectly protected from external influences. So you will have something of your advantage pack for a long time!Activated carbon significantly reduces the harmful substances and provides you with a cool, dry and aromatic smoking experience that benefits your lungs. Suitable for ALL types of self-rolled cigarettes! We have also thought about making both end caps from ceramic - so there is no need to pay attention to the insertion or twisting direction. PURIZE® Filters are made from environmentally conscious raw materials and are "Made in Germany". Advantages:Suitable for all self-twistedNoticeably milder smoking experienceHigh quality activated carbonBest filter propertiesYou can also find our PURIZE® XTRA Slim Size in 1,000 packs. If you prefer filters for strong draft and neat turning material, we also recommend our Regular Size activated carbon filters!

Content: 250 Piece (€0.14* / 1 Piece)

35 , 00 *

PURIZE® Towelie | Embroidered Logo | Weiß
Available colors:
Colour: White
For bath and beach: Our new PURIZE® towel with high-quality logo embroidery in different colours.Towelie once said: And never forget the towel! Of course we agree with our favourite bathing article - from now on you can get the new PURIZE® Towelie in our webshop!Only the best fabric is available, scratchy is not an option. That's why our exclusive PURIZE® Towelie is made of high quality fabric.Due to its practical size of 140×70 cm our Towlie cuts a fine figure on the stand as well as in the shower!Advantages:High quality stickPleasant substanceExclusive Merch article - only available in the webshop!fast drying and extra absorbent

19 , 00 *

The NICHTDEINFEUER-Clipper® from Marvin Game helps you make it clear who owns the fire when you lend it out with its simple design!

1 , 99*

doobiewood® ø 5,9 mm | Amaranth
Available colors:
Wood: Amaranth
The doobiewood® is an adapter between self-twisted and 5.9 mm activated carbon filters (XTRA Slim Size). Its tapered hole at the front allows the insertion of joints of different sizes, while the hole at the back guarantees a tight fit for activated carbon filters. The oil applied to the outer surface protects against moisture and other external influences. The company uses American walnut for its doobiewoods - a durable and dimensionally stable precious wood from the north of the USA. Together with flyer, sticker, pipe cleaner and three activated carbon filters, the doobiewood is packed in a cotton zip-up bag.Advantages of doobiewood:Wood Tiporganicsuitable for our activated carbon filters slim 6mm

11 , 00 *

PURIZE® Metal Tray | Smoke
The Aluminium Tray is perfectly suitable as a base for rolling!Advantages:Order in the smoke requirementexclusive designperfect baseMaterial: aluminiumDimensions: approx. 27 x 16 x 2.5 cm

5 , 00 *

PURIZE® Ashtray
laser engraved PURIZE® logo in the middle of the ashtray and website on the rim.High quality metal meets classic design!Advantages of PURIZE®:exclusiveoriginal coffee shop modeldurableDimensions: ⌀13mm x 2.3mm

7 , 50 *

PURIZE® Glass I 100 XTRA Slim Size I Yellow
Available colors:
Filterstyle: Yellow
Really organic: Our 100 XTRA Slim Size activated carbon filter glasses in an upcycling glass!By using glass for packaging purposes, your filters are of course also protected from external circumstances and you can twist your stock even for a very long time without hesitation. Of course, the glass can also be "recycled" afterwards in an attractive way, for example for storage purposes - sustainable and environmentally friendly! 😉With our high quality activated carbon filters "Made in Germany" you can be sure that you are not only doing yourself and your health a favour, but also your environment.Advantages:High quality activated carbon filtersGood protection against external influencesEnvironmentally friendly and sustainable

Content: 100 Piece (€0.16* / 1 Piece)

15 , 50 *

PURIZE® Grinder UV-Print I 2 parts
For all cases: Our 2-piece aluminum grinder in silver with green UV print!You need a grinder that you can still use after years? We help you: With our 2-piece aluminum grinder in silver! The grinder grinds your smoking utensils perfectly and is virtually indestructible due to its simple construction. The teeth are not glued, but milled from the material and deburred - this makes them razor sharp and extremely convincing in the grind behavior compared to plastic or pin grinders! The lid is fixed by a light magnetic mechanism, which leads to a clean handling and safe storage possibility and is ultimately simply practical. Additionally, our PURIZE® logo is engraved on the top.If you prefer a pollinator, we can help you with our 4-piece grinder!Attention: this grinder is suitable for our "PURIZE® Square KIT"!Advantages:Sharp teethMagnetic closureHigh quality workmanshipDiameter: 48 mm

9 , 90 *

PURIZE® X EHLE.® Bong 500 ml NS 18.8
We are pleased to finally present you the first PURIZE® Bong! Our bong is not only a real eye-catcher and handmade very high quality but also has a stable and fair price / performance ratio! In cooperation with EHLE.® we have produced a new standard in terms of bong sets for you. A sandblasted PURIZE® logo on the bong, unique details on the bong head and a high-quality diffuser coupling are just a few examples of the many features. So you get for the price of 99.00 € everything it takes to treat yourself directly times a head (except broccoli ;D)!Included in the package:1 x PURIZE® x EHLE.® Bong 500 ml NS 18.81 x PURIZE® x EHLE.® activated charcoal adapter (incl. 1 strainer + activated charcoal)1 x PURIZE® x EHLE.® bong head (incl. 1 strainer)1 x EHLE.® diffuser couplingvolume: 500 mljoint: 18,8height: 37 cmdiameter: 54 mmwall thickness: 3,3 mm

99 , 00 *

10 PURIZE® Regular Size I 20er
The PURIZE® original: Our Regular Size filter in a 10-pack! Perfect to share with your friends and always be ready for the road - our new 10 PURIZE® Regular Size activated carbon filter boxes are now available in a bundle of 20! With our high quality "Made in Germany" activated carbon filters, you can be sure that you're not only doing yourself and your health a favor, but also your environment. Advantages: High quality activated carbon filters Best filter properties Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Content: 20 Piece (€2.00* / 1 Piece)

39 , 90 *

5 PURIZE® wooden mouth pieces | Regular Size | Flavour: Vanilla
Available colors:
Taste: Vanilla
"Pimp your Joint" with our new flavored wooden mouthpieces!Fits perfectly with our Regular Size Filters (⌀ 9mm).Dimensions: 12 x 35mm

Content: 5 Piece (€0.50* / 1 Piece)

2 , 49*

PURIZE® Papers I King Size Wide | 40er
Our king size wide papers 40 pack!You want the best burning behavior, flavor-free p apers and just something different? You can have it: With our PURIZE® King Size Wide Papers with 32 papers per pack. With natural gumming, vegan and organic. When selecting the paper, we also thought about using only the best, unbleached paper for you. These natural, unbleached fibers provide the natural color. The grammage of our papers also speaks of quality: the papers are so thin that you can easily see through them, which also benefits the taste.  Advantages: Unique design Neutral taste Fine grammage 14.5 g/m2

Content: 40 Piece (€1.23* / 1 Piece)

49 , 00 *

PURIZE® Mini Pipe 2.0
Discover our brand new PURIZE® Mini Pipe 2.0 - the ultimate to-go pipe made of oak wood, now with a brass adapter that supports our XTRA Slim Size (6 mm), Regular Size (9 mm) and Super Slim (5 mm) filters.Features of the Mini Pipe 2.0:Compact size: with a length of less than 6 cm (without filter), our Mini Pipe 2.0 fits easily into any trouser pocket. Perfect for on the go and discreet enjoyment. High-quality oak wood: Our Mini Pipe 2.0 is made of first-class oak wood, which not only guarantees an attractive appearance, but also durability. Versatile brass adapter: The brass adapter supplied makes it possible to use different filter sizes. We supply 3 filters each for XTRA Slim Size, Regular Size and Super Slim Size. Included in delivery:  1 x PURIZE® Mini Pipe 2.0 1 x brass adapter for different filter sizes 3 x XTRA Slim Size filters 3 x Regular Size filters 3 x Super Slim filters 1x strainer 2x pipe cleaners Advantages of the Mini Pipe 2.0: Original PURIZE® pipe Organic oak woodHandy size for on the go We have further developed and optimized the Mini Pipe to offer an even better smoking experience. Enjoy your medicine with style and elegance - with the PURIZE® Mini Pipe 2.0.

19 , 90 *

PURIZE® x Metal CLIPPER® | Pink Gradient
Lighter colours: Pink Gradient
PURIZE® x Metal CLIPPER® are almost indestructible and look very elegant. Like other clippers, these lighters can also change the flint and the lighters are refillable. The Clipper secret function is also included with the metal lighters.

15 , 90 *

'Erstmal ein Piefen'® Tray mit Gießnase
Unsere Special Edition: Das  'Erstmal ein Piefen'®  Tray mit Gießnase!Vorteile:Ordnung im Rauchbedarfexklusives Designperfekte Bauunterlage

9 , 90 *

PURIZE® Papes’n’Tips
Available colors:
Design: PURIZE®
Perfect for on the go and 100% plastic-free! We have created a new combination product for you that is the perfect travel companion and yet is completely plastic-free! PURIZE® Papes'n'Tips is a handy, small combination of 32 King Size Slim Papers & 16 XTRA Slim activated charcoal filters. Virtually everything you need for a short trip. Filters and papers remain protected from external influences such as splash water. Thanks to the well thought-out and easy handling, you always have your filters quickly to hand and can get started on the go without having to rummage and search! We pay attention to sustainability with every component: the entire product is made WITHOUT PLASTICS and is 100% organic! Advantages: Completely without plastics Perfect for on the go Protects papers and filters

4 , 20 *

PURIZE® Rolls | Pink | 24er
Available colors:
Design: Pink
Unsere Rolls in der 24er Box! Bestes Abbrennverhalten, geschmacksneutrales Papier und Freiheit bei der Gestaltung Deiner Selbstgedrehten – gibt’s mit unserer Brown Roll! Das Papier ist ungebleicht und aus natürlichen Fasern, welche für die leichte Durchsichtigkeit sorgen. Die Grammatur unserer Papers ist besonders gering, um auch in Sachen Geschmack keine Abstriche zu machen!Vorteile:Freie Größenwahl des Papers Bestes Abbrennverhalten und geschmacksneutral Hohe Qualität

Content: 24 Piece (€1.46* / 1 Piece)

35 , 00 *

PURIZE® Glass I All-in-One Mixed Filter Jar
Advantages:5x Regular Size (2x White 2x AllColor 1x Organic)5x XTRA Slim Size5x SUPER Slim Size5x Conical XTRA Slim Size5x XTRA Long Size

Content: 25 Piece (€0.17* / 1 Piece)

4 , 20 *

PURIZE® 800 Pre-Rolled Cones | XTRA Slim Size
800 pre-rolled cones (PURIZE® Papers unbleached, PURIZE® XTRA Slim Size Activated-carbon-filters). Advantages:pre-rolled tubeLongpaper from PURIZE®Good value14 g/m2

Content: 800 Piece (€0.36* / 1 Piece)

290 , 00 * €350.00*