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DabX go
dabbing has never been easier the dabx go is the next evolution in the quest for fast, easy, full flavor dabs. Every detail has been relentlessly tested and fine tuned to provide the perfect dabbing experience in the palm of your hand. If you are new to concentrates, there is no easier way to get started. For the veteran dabber, it will change the way you dab forever a full sized water filtrationsystem provides a cooler, smoother and more consistent dabbing experience. There are no plastics anywhere near the airpath. Heated vapor only travels through ceramic, stainless steel, glass and water on the way to you. This eliminates both plastic and reclaim taste from corrupting your pristine dab.perfectly tasting dab everytime4 intelligent heating profiles are calibrated to perfectly heat your dab over 14 seconds. This preserves your terpenes while creating maximum vapor production, leaving you with the perfectly heated, perfectly tasting dab every timejuiced upthe go is powered by dual 1100mah li-ion power cells capable of putting out close to 100 dabs on a full charge. It comes equipped with a pass-thru usb-c fast charging port which allows for use while connected to a direct power source, and can fully energize in about 30 minutes. The power cells are also removable and replaceable for the real adventurer that plans on being off the grid for an extended period of time.Contents:go carrying case portable dab station spare atomizer titanium dab tool usb to usb-ccharge cable

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DabX Rocket mk. 1
The dabx rocket mk. 1 is the ultimate way to unlock the full flavor of your concentrates at the push of a button. It is engineered for massive vapor production and provides the cleanest tasting, perfectly heated dab every time. whether you are a veteran dabber tired with the hassle of operating a conventional rig or new to concentrates and looking for an easy way to get started:The rocket is going to change the way you dab forever. Get the perfect tasting dab every time. 4 intelligent heating profiles calibrated for different types of concentrate heat the product at varying temperatures over 15 seconds to activate and preserve terpenes.The ceramic heating plate quickly and cleanly melts any concentrate and the reverse airflow technology guarantees maximum vapor production. In other words... this thing rips!One button activationLoad up the atomizer. press one button. 15 seconds later the perfectly heated dab awaits.The body is machined from aerospace grade titanium, which eliminates the foreign taste that comes from cheap metals, plastics or paint coatings. no plastics anywhere in the vapor path means no chemicals leeching thier way into your lungs.No Q-tips necessary in between dabs. when you do want to clean just disassemble. Soak in isopropyl alcohol, rinse then air dry.With haptic feedbackThe 1500mAh USB-C battery charges in 30 minutes and delivers 30-50 dabs per full charge. a pass-thru charging design allows for use while connected to a direct power source.Standard 14mm glass adapter instantly converts your favorite glass into a next gen dab rig. 10mm and 18mm male and female adapters sold separately.The smart power unit has the ability to detect the load being placed on the atomizer and automatically adjust the power level in real time. this ensures you will always have a perfectly heated dab that hitssmooth and never tastes burntContents:rocket mk. 1 devicesmart power unitsecond atomizertitanium dab toolusb-c charger3 spare o-rings14mm glass adapter stand

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PURIZE® X EHLE.® Bong 500 ml NS 18.8
We are pleased to finally present you the first PURIZE® Bong! Our bong is not only a real eye-catcher and handmade very high quality but also has a stable and fair price / performance ratio! In cooperation with EHLE.® we have produced a new standard in terms of bong sets for you. A sandblasted PURIZE® logo on the bong, unique details on the bong head and a high-quality diffuser coupling are just a few examples of the many features. So you get for the price of 99.00 € everything it takes to treat yourself directly times a head (except broccoli ;D)!Included in the package:1 x PURIZE® x EHLE.® Bong 500 ml NS 18.81 x PURIZE® x EHLE.® activated charcoal adapter (incl. 1 strainer + activated charcoal)1 x PURIZE® x EHLE.® bong head (incl. 1 strainer)1 x EHLE.® diffuser couplingvolume: 500 mljoint: 18,8height: 37 cmdiameter: 54 mmwall thickness: 3,3 mm

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