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10 PURIZE® XTRA Slim Size
Das PURIZE®-Original: Unser XTRA Slim Size Filter im 10er-Pack!Unser XTRA Slim Size Filter wird geliefert in der wiederverschließbaren und praktischen 10er Schachtel. Ebenso bekommst Du unseren 10er Schachtel im klassischen weißen Design! Aktivkohle auf Kokosnuss-Basis reduziert die Schadstoffaufnahme signifikant und verschafft Dir ein kühles, trockenes und aromatisches Raucherlebnis, das Deiner Lunge zu Gute kommt. Geeignet sind unsere Aktivkohlefilter für ALLE Arten von Selbstgedrehten! Auch in Sachen Handling haben wir etwas Besonders für Dich: Da beide Endkappen aus Keramik bestehen, gibt es keine Einsteck- oder Eindrehrichtung zu beachten und Du sparst Dir unter Umständen nervige "Bau-Arbeit“. PURIZE® Filters sind aus umweltbewussten Rohstoffen gefertigt und „Made in Germany“. Maße: ø 5,9 mm x 26,9 mm. Füllung: Aktivkohle auf Kokosnuss-Basis.Vorteile:Für alle Selbstgedrehten geeignetSpürbar milderes RaucherlebnisHochwertige AktivkohleBeste Filtereigenschaften

Content: 10 Stück (€0.20* / 1 Stück)

2 , 00 *

10 PURIZE® XTRA Slim Size I 20er
Das PURIZE®-Original: Unser XTRA Slim Size Filter im 10er-Pack!Perfekt zum teilen mit Deinen Freunden und immer für unterwegs ready sein - unsere neuen 10 PURIZE® XTRA Slim Size Aktivkohlefilter Kartons sind nun im 20er Bundle erhältlich!Durch unsere hochqualitativen Aktivkohlefilter „Made in Germany“ kannst Du Dir sicher sein, dass Du nicht nur Dir und Deiner Gesundheit, sondern auch Deiner Umwelt einen Gefallen tust.Vorteile:Hochqualitative AktivkohlefilterGuter Schutz vor äußeren EinflüssenUmweltfreundlich und nachhaltig

Content: 20 Stück (€2.00* / 1 Stück)

39 , 90 *

5 PURIZE® wooden mouth pieces | Regular Size | Flavour: Dark Fruit
Available colors:
Taste: Dark Fruit
"Pimp your Joint" with our new flavored wooden mouthpieces!Fits perfectly with our Regular Size Filters (⌀ 9mm).Dimensions: 12 x 35mm

Content: 5 Stück (€0.50* / 1 Stück)

ab 2 , 49*

5 PURIZE® wooden mouth pieces | XTRA Slim Size
Available colors:
Taste: Vanilla
"Pimp your Joint" with our new flavored wooden mouthpieces!Fits perfectly with our Regular Size Filters (⌀ 5,9mm).Dimensions: 9 x 25mm

ab 2 , 49*

DabX go
dabbing has never been easier the dabx go is the next evolution in the quest for fast, easy, full flavor dabs. Every detail has been relentlessly tested and fine tuned to provide the perfect dabbing experience in the palm of your hand. If you are new to concentrates, there is no easier way to get started. For the veteran dabber, it will change the way you dab forever a full sized water filtrationsystem provides a cooler, smoother and more consistent dabbing experience. There are no plastics anywhere near the airpath. Heated vapor only travels through ceramic, stainless steel, glass and water on the way to you. This eliminates both plastic and reclaim taste from corrupting your pristine dab.perfectly tasting dab everytime4 intelligent heating profiles are calibrated to perfectly heat your dab over 14 seconds. This preserves your terpenes while creating maximum vapor production, leaving you with the perfectly heated, perfectly tasting dab every timejuiced upthe go is powered by dual 1100mah li-ion power cells capable of putting out close to 100 dabs on a full charge. It comes equipped with a pass-thru usb-c fast charging port which allows for use while connected to a direct power source, and can fully energize in about 30 minutes. The power cells are also removable and replaceable for the real adventurer that plans on being off the grid for an extended period of time.Contents:go carrying case portable dab station spare atomizer titanium dab tool usb to usb-ccharge cable

349 , 00 *

DabX mk. 1 18mm Male Glass Adapter
18mm male glass adapter für die dabX mk. 1

29 , 90 *

DabX Rocket mk. 1
The dabx rocket mk. 1 is the ultimate way to unlock the full flavor of your concentrates at the push of a button. It is engineered for massive vapor production and provides the cleanest tasting, perfectly heated dab every time. whether you are a veteran dabber tired with the hassle of operating a conventional rig or new to concentrates and looking for an easy way to get started:The rocket is going to change the way you dab forever. Get the perfect tasting dab every time. 4 intelligent heating profiles calibrated for different types of concentrate heat the product at varying temperatures over 15 seconds to activate and preserve terpenes.The ceramic heating plate quickly and cleanly melts any concentrate and the reverse airflow technology guarantees maximum vapor production. In other words... this thing rips!One button activationLoad up the atomizer. press one button. 15 seconds later the perfectly heated dab awaits.The body is machined from aerospace grade titanium, which eliminates the foreign taste that comes from cheap metals, plastics or paint coatings. no plastics anywhere in the vapor path means no chemicals leeching thier way into your lungs.No Q-tips necessary in between dabs. when you do want to clean just disassemble. Soak in isopropyl alcohol, rinse then air dry.With haptic feedbackThe 1500mAh USB-C battery charges in 30 minutes and delivers 30-50 dabs per full charge. a pass-thru charging design allows for use while connected to a direct power source.Standard 14mm glass adapter instantly converts your favorite glass into a next gen dab rig. 10mm and 18mm male and female adapters sold separately.The smart power unit has the ability to detect the load being placed on the atomizer and automatically adjust the power level in real time. this ensures you will always have a perfectly heated dab that hitssmooth and never tastes burntContents:rocket mk. 1 devicesmart power unitsecond atomizertitanium dab toolusb-c charger3 spare o-rings14mm glass adapter stand

225 , 00 *

PURIZE® Activated carbon Beltbag
Our new PURIZE® beltbag is out and its handy.Made from smelly proof materials and fed with activated charcoal its sure to keep all your smells on the inside of the bag.

44 , 90 *

PURIZE® Aschenbecher
Our PURIZE® ashtrays in new format and design!Dimensions: ⌀13,8mm x 1,6mm

2 , 99*

PURIZE® Hoodie I Apple Green
Size: S
Show Support: The limited PURIZE® Hoodie from our exclusive Livestyle CollectionOur limited PURIZE® Hoodie in apple green with logo Simple yet casual, this warm & cosy hoodie with kangaroo pocket & hidden openings for your headphone cord will be the perfect companion for the cold season! Our hoodie is the heart of our lifestyle collection and a real must-have for PURIZE® supporters! The simple and unobtrusive design allows you to wear your new favourite hoodie in public. The cotton gives our hoodie an incredibly chilly feel - perfect to become your favourite hoodie for chilly days!

ab 39 , 00 *

PURIZE® Metal Tray I Dark Sketch
The Metal Tray is perfect for use as a rotating base!Advantages:order in the smoking needsexclusive designperfect construction baseMaterial: Metaldimensions: approx. 27 x 16 x 2,5 cm

5 , 00 *

PURIZE® Papers I King Size Ultra Slim I 40er
You want the best slow-burning, taste free papers and want to inhale the least amount of paper possible? Well here you have it, our PURIZE® King size ultra slim with 32 skins per pack . Instead of the usual 45mm width these papers come out to 35mm across. Of course, similar to all our other papers these are also painted with our natural gumline made of organic gum arabicum. We use only the best natural unbleached paper for our machines. And make sure to get the thinnest possible paper for your consumption. Advantages:Unique designFeather light and super thinTaste neutral Ultra slim 14,5 g/m2

Content: 40 Stück (€0.95* / 1 Stück)

38 , 00 *

PURIZE® Papes'n'Tray
Never mix in the palm of your hand again - you think that would be too good to be true? Not true! With our Papes'n'Tray King Size Slim Papers you have besides the high quality 32 rolling papers, also a mixing surface (tray)! You want the best burning behavior and tasteless papers? You can have it: Our King Size Papers with natural gumming - vegan and organic. Even when choosing the paper, we thought of using only the best, unbleached paper for you. These natural, unbleached fibers provide the naturally dyed brown color. The grammage of our papers also speaks of quality: the papers are so thin that you can easily see through them, which also benefits the taste.Discover also our new PURIZE® King Size Papers in pink, our Brown Rolls as well as our advantage pack with 40 packs of KSS Papers!Advantages:Best burning behaviorNeutral tasteHigh quality14,5 g/m2

Content: 32 Stück (€0.06* / 1 Stück)

1 , 99*

PURIZE® x BIC I Doodle Design
Get the new PURIZE® X BIC® lighter with exclusively designed doodle style pop-art.

1 , 75*

FOR ALL PAPPENHEIMER OF THE TECHNO SCENE!The new PURIZE® x Pappenheimer King Size Slim Papers are perfect for every rave!  You want the best burning behavior, tasteless papers and just something different? You can have it: With our Highdrated King Size Papers with 32 sheets per pack. With natural gumming, vegan and organic. Advantages:Unique designTastelessLimited artist edition14,5 g/m2Content: 1 pack

Content: 32 Stück (€0.03* / 1 Stück)

0 , 99* €1.99*

PURIZE® x Richter Müller King Size Slim Papers
For the late hours: Our King Size Papers in the exclusive Richter Müller-Edition!we`re supporting the fight for legalization by donating 1€ for every pack you buy to the LEAP foundation.You want the best burning behaviour, tasteless papers and simply something different? You can have them: With our PURIZE® King Size Papers in the exclusive Richter Müller Edition with 32 sheets. With natural gum, vegetarian and organic. We have also made sure to use only the best unbleached paper for you. These natural, unbleached fibres provide the natural colour. The weight of our papers also speaks of quality: the papers are so thin that you can easily see through them, which also benefits the taste.Also discover our brown PURIZE® King Size Papers, our pink Paper Rolls and our value pack of 40 packs of KSS papers!Advantages:Unique DesignFlavourless14,5 g/m2Contents: 1 package

Content: 32 Stück (€0.06* / 1 Stück)

1 , 99*

in unique PURIZE® designPipe insertGenuine Zippo windproof lighter with the unmistakable Zippo "click".It comes packaged in a gift box.Consists of metal; windproof design that works virtually anywhereRefillable for a lifetime of use; for best utilization, we recommend using genuine Zippo premium lighter fuel, flint and wicks.Made in the USA; 30 year warranty, under the motto "it works or we fix it free™".

39 , 90 *

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