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5 x PURIZE® Glass I 100 XTRA Slim Size
Everything in it and environmentally friendly: Our new glass combination package with a total of 500 XTRA Slim Size activated carbon filters in 5 different colors! Try them all! 😉Perfekt to share with your friends and always be ready to go - our new 100 XTRA Slim Size Activated Carbon Filter Glasses are now available in a 5-piece bundle with 5 different colors! By using glass for packaging purposes, your filters are of course also protected from external circumstances and you can twist your stock even for a very long time without hesitation. Of course, the glass can also be attractively "recycled" afterwards, for example for storage purposes - sustainable and environmentally friendly! 😉With our high quality activated carbon filters "Made in Germany" you can be sure that you are not only doing yourself and your health a favor, but also your environment.Advantages:High quality activated carbon filtersGood protection against external influencesEnvironmentally friendly and sustainable

Content: 500 Piece (€0.14* / 1 Piece)

69 , 90 *

PURIZE® Glass I 690 XTRA Slim
New and perfect for collectors: Our 690 glass, consisting of four of our colour variations!Perfect for real PURIZE® supporters who also value aesthetics. Our PURIZE® glass filled with 690 XTRA Slim Size activated carbon filters in the colours green, organic, pink and blue is limited and contains all our colour variations. And of course you get the quality you are used to: our coconut-based activated carbon filters in XTRA Slim Size format. In addition, our glass creates a good stock, which you can also present in an attractive way. The glass protects the filters from external influences and you can be sure that your filters are perfectly stored and protected from external influences. In addition, you save a lot of money compared to smaller packaging units and thus save a little bit on your wallet. 😉Advantages:Contains all colour variationsGood protection against external influencesExclusive productImportant: The filling method, the packaging and the included colors of the activated carbon filters can vary greatly!

Content: 690 Piece (€0.13* / 1 Piece)

89 , 00 *

Finally order with our PURIZE® All-In-One KIT!Our KIT finally creates order in the often chaotic smoking world & will be a real enrichment for you as it finally keeps your equipment safe and decent! The PURIZE® All-In-One KIT includes a clipper, a plastic grinder, a pack of kingsize papers and a PURIZE® Treasure Box. An innovative and pluggable jibbit construction aid is available on top! The PURIZE® All-In-One KIT has a total of 17 well thought-out hole positions in which both activated carbon filters and finished self-twisted jibbits can be stowed away without any problems. We have also thought about space for your other smoking utensils: In the upper left corner of the construction base there is a precisely fitting device for all standard Clipper lighters. There is also a recess for all standard long papers. The hole for the grinder has a diameter of approx. 65 mm, so your favourite grinder will fit in here perfectly. A wooden lid protects your white PURIZE® construction base and creates additional space for storing other tools or herbs ;-).Contents:1 x PURIZE® All-In-One building board1 x PURIZE® Clipper1 x PURIZE® plastic grinder1 x PURIZE® KSS Papers1 x PURIZE® Treasure-Box1 x PURIZE® building underlayAdvantages: Creates order in the smoking areaMany free accessoriesHigh quality wood productL x W x H (approx.) : 24 x 21 x 2 cm.IMPORTANT: Wood is a natural product! We ask you to consider possible deviations in optics & haptics and therefore do not constitute a reason for complaint!The colours of the grinders/clippers may differ from the product picture".

29 , 00 *

PURIZE® Metal Tray | Smoke
The Aluminium Tray is perfectly suitable as a base for rolling!Advantages:Order in the smoke requirementexclusive designperfect baseMaterial: aluminiumDimensions: approx. 27 x 16 x 2.5 cm

5 , 00 *

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