About the Vision of PURIZE® Filters

PURIZE® Filters pursues the vision of showing pleasure-oriented smokers - with the help of a PURIZE® activated carbon filter - a significantly pollutant-reduced & more pleasant smoking experience.

Our Regular Size is suitable for all standard ø 9 mm pipes & of course for all kinds of self-made pipes.

In combination with the doobiewood® adapter a dream!

The top seller in our product portfolio is our XTRA Slim Size activated carbon filter. This small & powerful activated carbon filter is even better suited for twisting.

The highly effective activated carbon in our PURIZE® activated carbon filters is purely of vegetable origin, washed & sieved.

The activated carbon content in one of our Regular Size Filters has a surface structure comparable to that of a modern jumbo wing. This makes it possible to filter out undesirable substances such as nicotine, tar & fine dust, one by one from the smoke.

Only the active ingredients & aromas you wish for when smoking will ultimately reach your lungs. Scratchy mixtures taste much milder, even pure smoking becomes noticeably more pleasant & milder.

We also rely on the use of 2 heat-resistant high-performance ceramic caps on both sides of our quality activated carbon filters.

No matter how you screw in or insert our filters, there will be no more mix-ups, whether right or wrong, PURIZE® always fits!

Annoying neck scratching & coughing is now a thing of the past.

With PURIZE® Filters you protect your lungs, that is clear!

PURIZE® .. makes smoking NIZE!

Choose Your Style

PURIZE® Glas Adapter
Our handmade PURIZE® glass adapters are made of high-quality borosilicate glass and are easy to clean, e.g. with isopropanol.You can screw the PURIZE® glass adapter into your joint as a pure glass tip or use it in combination with our regular size activated carbon filters.

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