BIODOR Control CNB® Anti-Geruch-Gel | Eukalyptus
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Odour: Eukalyptus
Finally put an end to unwanted odors! BIODOR Control CNB® anti-odour gel Eucalyptus is the ultimate solution for effectively neutralizing tobacco and cannabis odours. Thanks to its innovative technology and highly effective formula, it ensures long-lasting fresh indoor air without leaving behind intrusive odors. The solid gel contains a unique blend of odor neutralizers and inhibitors that evaporate in the air and combine with the odor molecules to completely neutralize them. The Eucalyptus version of the gel has been specially formulated to leave as little residual odor as possible after use. The highly effective formula is aimed directly at neutralizing odour molecules, not just masking them, for a pleasantly fresh environment without unwanted odours. CNB Eukalyptus 33: Gel dimensions: 70x30x15mm Packaging size: 80x140x20mm Net weight: 33 Gramm Suitable for rooms up to 50 m², shelf life of 6-8 weeks Easy to use and highly effective. Application: Open the zip container and store the gel in the protective cloth. Leave it in a well-ventilated place. After removing the odor, the gel can be placed back in the zip packaging for proper storage. Storage: Store the product in a dry place at temperatures above 0°C. Avoid prolonged storage at temperatures above 40°C to maintain the effectiveness of the product. Advantages: Neutralizes odours effectively Leaves a mild, floral fragrance Easy to use Long lasting effect Please observe the safety instructions on the packaging and keep the product out of the reach of children. In the event of skin, eye or respiratory tract irritation, seek medical advice and have the product packaging to hand.

Content: 33 Gramm (€0.45* / 1 Gramm)

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PURIZE® Lanyard

1 , 50 *

PURIZE® Magnete
Get our PURIZE® logo as a magnet and decorate your fridge or car with this stylish accessory.Abmessungen: 85 mm x 35 mm x 0,5 mm Gewicht: 2,16 g

2 , 00 *

PURIZE® Hash Bowl
Finally, a silicone bowl that's perfect for your medicine!  Our PURIZE® Hash Bowl is made of soft silicone and features non-stick properties. This means that your hash won't stick to the bowl and it's also easy to clean. ________________________________________________________ Features: Heat Resistant: The bowl can withstand high temperatures, so you can safely use it for various applications. Freezer safe: If you want to refrigerate your concentrates, that's no problem. Dishwasher Safe: Cleaning is a breeze, as the bowl can easily be placed in the dishwasher. Reusable: The PURIZE® Hash Bowl is durable and can be used over and over again.___________________________________________ Material: The bowl is made of high quality silicone that is both durable and flexible. __________________________ With the PURIZE® Hash Bowl you have the ideal accessory to enjoy your medicine cleanly and efficiently. It is easy to handle, easy to clean and offers the quality you can expect from PURIZE®.

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PURIZE® x Loop Can | 400ml
The 400 ml spray can enables clean work thanks to balanced pressure ratios and a specially developed valve. A lightly misted spray allows for accurate precision work without excessive airborne atomization. Opacity and modulability are of high quality. Colour: PURIZE® Green Contents: Spray can Stencil - PURIZE® Festival One PURIZE® x Loop King Size Slim Papers Loop stickers

9 , 90 * €12.90*

PURIZE® Pocket Ashtray
The practical ashtray for on the go. PURIZE® pocket ashtray made of metal with storage space and key ring. Dimensions: ⌀50mm x 17mm

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PURIZE® Diamond Ashtray
The PURIZE® diamond ashtray in the limited AllColor design is made of solid K9 crystal glass. The ashtray is delivered in a noble gift box. Note: Not dishwasher safe!

34 , 90 *

PURIZE® Building underlay
Innovative & stretchable birch wood construction base in the revised 2.0 version!Perfect for on the road, because it protects the jibbit from wind when turning!120 x 50 x 3 mmAdvantages:Rolling Tray made of woodperfect baseinexpensive

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PURIZE® Humidor
Dear PURIZE® Community. You want your flavorful herbs to further ferment? With the PURIZE® Humidor, you have the perfect product in which you can store and mature your half ounce (approx. 15 gr.), as well as other quantities like 5g, 30g, and 60g under perfect conditions (protected from sunlight).Advantages:Violet glass with optimal protection against UV lightScrew cap with humidity indicator using a hygrometer and food-safe silicone sealCapacity up to 5g, 15g, 30g, or 60gIncludes batteryPlease note: BattG

34 , 90 *

Our PURIZE® cup with the motto "Sipp n' Smoke" comes in a casual design suitable for your next Wake 'n' Bake!Advantages:exclusive only at PURIZE®unique designinexpensiveMaterial: ceramicWeight: 365 gDimensions: H x W = 9.7 x 8 cmfilling quantity: 320 ml

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PURIZE® Drink bottle 0,75 l
Our PURIZE® Tacx drinking bottle "Shiva O2" comes in a fresh PURIZE® design and is the ideal companion for on the go! Advantages:Material made from 100% sugar caneBiodegradableRobust model with high capacity

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PURIZE® Choc-Lid
Combining the useful with the pleasant is now possible in a relaxed manner. Combine your PURIZE activated carbon filter glass with the PURIZE® Choc-Lid attachment and get going faster without any fuss. A notice: The product will be shipped without glass! Suitable for PURIZE® XTRA Slim Size

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PURIZE® Aschenbecher
Our PURIZE® ashtrays in new format and design!Dimensions: ⌀13,8mm x 1,6mm

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PURIZE® Terpene Nose Stick
Aromatherapy 2.0 Who doesn't like it? - the scent of cannabis flowers, which is largely characterised by the naturally occurring terpenes. Terpenes have pharmacological effects, but do not have an intoxicating effect. Our Terpsticks therefore offer you a legal, smoke-free, yet invigorating or relaxing aroma experience, depending on which variant you choose. "Indica or sativa? that's the question. The overall effect of a cultivar or strain is influenced by the presence of certain terpenes, that much seems clear. So far, however, there are no scientifically recognised "markers" (chemical profile) that can be used to identify which variety it is. The terpenes alone do not make it possible to classify the plant as "Indica" or "Sativa". Nevertheless, it seems clear that certain cannabis cultivars can have sedating effects, but also activating effects. We'll make it a little easier for you! We have added selected, sustainably produced essential oils to our exclusive "Gelato Terpene Profile" of natural terpenes, in order to make a clear distinction between "indica" - i.e. calming + relaxing - and "sativa" - i.e. activating + focusing - possible.The selection of essential oils is based on scientific work, which you can see here *.So grab it and carry it with you at all times: the possibility of (cannabis) aromatherapy on the go!*Lavender:Study on calming anxiety and restlessness (randomised, placebo-controlled).Sleep quality study (randomised, placebo-controlled).Bergamot: Study on calming anxiety (randomised, placebo-controlled) Peppermint: Study on the positive influence of peppermint essential oil on workload, alertness and mood Study on the use of peppermint oil for headaches Rosemary: Study on, among other things, increasing cognitive performance and concentration in students (randomised, placebo-controlled)

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