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Vincent Pfaefflin

'Erstmal ein Piefen'® Grinder 2-teilig
Eine weitere Special Edition: Unser  'Erstmal ein Piefen'® Grinder!!! Vorteile:2-teiligWeiß

6 , 50 *

'Erstmal ein Piefen'® Grinder I 4 parts
New In: 4-piece aluminum grinder with pollinator and 'Erstmal ein Piefen'® engraving!The new 4-piece aluminum grinder in silver with pollinator - a must-have for your construction tools! The grinder grinds perfectly and is virtually indestructible due to its simple design. The teeth are not glued, but milled from the material and deburred - this makes them razor sharp and extremely convincing in the grind behavior compared to plastic or pin grinders! Our grinder has a pollinator, which collects your pollum for you. The lid is fixed by a light magnetic mechanism, which leads to a clean handling and is ultimately simply practical - in addition, your grinder becomes a safe storage option for your herbs.Diameter: 5cm

15 , 00 *

'Erstmal ein Piefen'® Tray mit Gießnase
Unsere Special Edition: Das  'Erstmal ein Piefen'®  Tray mit Gießnase!Vorteile:Ordnung im Rauchbedarfexklusives Designperfekte Bauunterlage

9 , 90 *

'Erstmal ein Piefen®' | Cap | Schwarz
The 'Erstmal ein Piefen®' cap in black with white embroidery is the perfect accessory for relaxed moments. Created in collaboration with Vincent Pfäfflin, it gives your look a cool and casual touch - exclusively available at PURIZE®.

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'Erstmal ein Piefen®' Tasse
Die 'Erstmal ein Piefen®' - Tasse kommt im lässigen Vincent Design - passend für Euren nächsten Wake ’n‘ Bake! Vorteile: einzigartiges Design preiswertexklusiv nur bei PURIZE®Material: KeramikFüllmenge: 320 ml

11 , 90 *

‘Erstmal ein Piefen‘® Glass | 100 XTRA Slim
Your activated carbon filter supply with 100 XTRA Slim Size activated carbon filters - in the sustainable glass packaging and with unique 'Erstmal ein Piefen'® design by Vincent Pfaefflin!

Content: 100 Piece (€0.16* / 1 Piece)

15 , 90 *

Vincent Pfäfflin‘s Piefpapiere
The Vincent Pfäfflin PapersYou want the best burn-up, tasteless papers and just something different? You got it: With our PURIZE® X Vincent Pfäfflin's 32-sheet PURIZE® X papers. With natural gum, vegetarian and organic. When choosing the paper, we also thought about using only the best unbleached paper for you. These natural, unbleached fibres provide the natural colour. The weight of our papers also speaks of quality: the papers are so thin that you can easily see through them, which also benefits the taste.Also discover our brown PURIZE® King Size Papers, our pink Paper Rolls and our value pack of 40 packs of KSS papers!Advantages:Unique DesignFlavourless14,5 g/m2Contents: 1 package

Content: 32 Piece (€0.05* / 1 Piece)

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