Pop Ups

3 x PURIZE® Paper Pop Up Jibbit
Good for the Jibbit and good for the environment - our Pop Up Jibbits made from sustainable paper!You wanted it, now it's finally here: the sustainable storage option for roll-your-own.If you always want to get your jibbits safely to their destination, you can't go past our Pop Up Jibbit.With our new version of the Pop Up Jibbit, you're also doing the environment a favor: It is made of sustainable paper and can be reused many times. Advantages:- Perfect storage option- Protection from external influences- SustainableLength: 108mmInner diameter: about 18mm

Content: 3 Piece (€1.83* / 1 Piece)

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Our Pop-Up tin in the large version - so that your herbs always remain safe!Our Pop-Up Box is air and watertight - the best way to protect your herbs from outside influences. So the taste and properties always remain as desired and you can transport your medicine or activated carbon filter without worries. Of course the material has no influence on the taste. The pop-up jar is opened by simply "squeezing" the opening of the jar - and then the typical pop-up sound is heard! In addition, our pop-up jar is printed with our PURIZE® logo.Advantages of PURIZE®:Storage possibility for travelling or similar.Reliable protectionDurable and tastelessheight: approx. 7 cm, diameter: approx. 4 cm, product weight: 10 gr.

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PURIZE® Pop Up I Jibbit
Safe storage for your self-made ones!If you always want to bring your self-made rolls safely to their destination, you won't get past our Pop-Up Jibbit. It will protect your upturned ones from water and air, even some sniffing noses have already been fooled by our little box. The material is durable and has of course no influence on the taste of your self-made jibbit. Additionally the jibbit is printed with our PURIZE® logo and should not be missing in any accessory assortment. The Pop-Up Jibbit is opened by simply "squeezing" the can opening - and then the typical pop-up sound is created!Our Pop-Ups are also available as classic cans in large and small versions!Advantages:Perfect storage possibilityProtection against external influences Durablelength: 11,5 cm; diameter: approx. 1,8 cm; weight of product: 6 gr.

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PURIZE® Pop Up I Jibbit | Queensize
Sichere Aufbewahrungsmöglichkeit für Deine Selbstgedrehten! Wenn Du Deine Selbstgedrehten immer sicher ans Ziel bringen willst, kommst Du an unserem Pop-Up Jibbit nicht vorbei.  Er schützt Deine Vorgedrehten vor Wasser und Luft, sogar so manche schnüffelnde Nase hat unser Döschen schon an der Nase herumgeführt.  Das Material ist langlebig und hat selbstverständlich keinerlei Einflüsse auf den Geschmack Deiner Selbstgedrehten. Zusätzlich ist der Jibbit mit unserem PURIZE® Logo bedruckt und darf in keinem Zubehör-Sortiment fehlen.  Geöffnet wird der Pop-Up Jibbit über einfaches „Zusammendrücken“ der Dosenöffnung – daraufhin ersteht dann das typische Pop-Up Geräusch! Unsere Pop-Ups bekommst Du ebenso als klassische Dose in großer sowie kleiner Ausführung! Vorteile: Perfekte Aufbewahrungsmöglichkeit Schutz vor äußeren Einflüssen  Langlebig

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