GReeeN Grinder | 4 parts| Highland
The new exclusive GReeeN grinder is 4-piece and printed with the Highland logo. Advantages:PollinatorSharp, durable teethHigh quality workmanshipDiameter: 48 mm

17 , 90 *

PURIZE® x GReeeN | CLIPPER® | Spezial Edition
The new PURIZE® x GReeeN CLIPPER® lighter as a special edition is perfect in your Clipper® collection. But also in the park or in a round with your friends, you are not only safe but also stylish equipped with the Clipper!Advantages:Certified according to ISO 9994.Child safety device according to EN 13869.Break and fire resistant nylon body.Self-regulating flame.Isobutane gas in its purest form.Odorless and constant burning flame.Up to 3,000 ignitions, gas and flint refillable.

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PURIZE® x GReeeN Rolls
Your paper should burn slowly, be tasteless and best of all environmentally friendly? You can have it: Our Endless Roll offers you complete freedom in the design of your self-rolled and is environmentally friendly thanks to organic gumming and abandonment of bleach! So the paper is unbleached, organic and vegan. The natural fibers provide the light transparency and the particularly good burning behavior. Since the paper is particularly thin, you don't have to make any compromises in terms of taste either.Advantages:Free choice of size of the paperHigh quality paper14,5 g/m2Content: 1 packageLength: 4 meters

Content: 4 Meter (€0.63* / 1 Meter)

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PURIZE® x GReeeN Bundle
This time GReeeN has an absolute special offer for you! The new, very strictly limited, GReeeN Bundle consists of the following contents:Content:1 x PURIZE® x GReeeN I 50 XTRA Slim Size Activated Carbon Filter 1x PURIZE® x GReeeN | CLIPPER® | Spezial Edition 1 x GReeeN aluminium Grinder 2-piece

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PURIZE® x GReeeN Clipper® Bundle of 4
PURIZE® x GReeeN 4er Clipper® Bundle - new Kollabo available!CLIPPER® is an integral part of the smoking scene - attractive design, cool gadgets and a must have for collectors - the same goes for this exclusive GReeeN collection.In our shop you can find our PURIZE® x GReeeN Clipper®, our metal PURIZE®-Clipper in the spacy ICY design and the Lighter Booth, which will show off your collection to its best advantage!Advantages:Artists-CollaboAbsolute collector's itemDurable and refillable

8 , 90 *

50 PURIZE® x GReeeN XTRA Slim
GReeeN - the name says it all! The style is unique, just like the artist - which is exactly why the Green gets its own PURIZE® XTRA Slim filter!You can expect another exclusive and limited artist's collabo, which fits perfectly to your collection and should not be missed. 😉The packaging is also ideal for travelling, as the filters can be stored air- and watertight.Reduces the absorption of harmful substances significantly and provides you with a cool, dry and aromatic smoking experience.Suitable for ALL kinds of self-made!Since both end caps are made of ceramic, there is no insertion or screwing direction to consider.PURIZE® Filters are made from environmentally conscious raw materials and are "Made in Germany".Advantages of PURIZE® Filters:Unique designFlavourlessActivated carbon filter slim 6 mmDimensions: ø 5,9 mm x 26,9 mmFilling: coconut-based activated carbon

Content: 50 Piece (€0.22* / 1 Piece)

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PURIZE® x GReeeN King Size Slim
For outdoors: Our King Size Papers in the exclusive GReeeN edition!You want best burning behavior, tasteless papers and just something different? You can have it: With our PURIZE® King Size Papers in the exclusive GReeeN edition with 32 sheets. With natural gumming, vegan and organic. Even when choosing the paper, we thought of using only the best, unbleached paper for you. These natural, unbleached fibers provide the naturally dyed color. The grammage of our papers also speaks of quality: the papers are so thin that you can easily see through them, which also benefits the taste.Advantages:Unique designNeutral taste14,5 g/m2

Content: 32 Piece (€0.05* / 1 Piece)

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