Activated Carbon Adaptor

PURIZE® X EHLE.® Activated carbon adapter NS 14.5
You`ve waited long enough, the long expected collaboration between PURIZE® X EHLE.® Presents you an activated carbon filter for your bong!Who likes dirty bong water right? well with this little gadget the water in your bong will get dirty 10x slower than it usually does. The Hits are more healthy but stay just as potent.Ground joint size: NS 14.5

23 , 90 * €29.90*

PURIZE® X EHLE.® Activated carbon adapter NS 18.8
You have waited long enough! We are finally pleased to present the new PURIZE® X EHLE.® activated carbon adapter!Suitable for any bong with an 18.8 grind!Due to the additional activated carbon filtering, a large part of the pollutants are filtered out of the smoke. You will also notice this in the water, which becomes dirty up to 10x slower! And because the pollutants are filtered, you also have significantly less scratching in the throat - the turn, however, remains the same! ;)Sieve purely, activated carbon purely and head on it, mix purely and ignition!Ground joint size: NS 18.8

27 , 90 * €34.90*