PURIZE® Glass I 2000 XTRA Slim


Content: 2000 Piece (€0.11* / 1 Piece)

Available, delivery time: 2 - 5 Tage

Product number: glas_2000xtra
Product information "PURIZE® Glass I 2000 XTRA Slim"
Our activated carbon filter annual stock - in the Mixed-Colours-Edition with all colour variations and great price advantage! 
Yellow, green, blue, pink or do you prefer organic? You can get our activated carbon filters in many colours and we can understand if the choice of your favourite colour is difficult. That's exactly why we make the decision for you - with our 2000 glass, consisting of 2000 XTRA Slim Size activated carbon filters in all colour variations. The packaging is also impressive, so we completely dispense with plastic here and focus 100% on sustainability. All our filters are printed with environmentally friendly, food-safe colours, which also benefits nature. We have also chosen the more environmentally friendly way when it comes to the choice of activated carbon, which also offers you a clear added value in terms of quality: Coconut instead of brown coal!

In addition, you also save a lot of money: The 2000 jar is our largest packaging unit, which offers you the greatest price advantage! By using glass for packaging purposes, your filters are of course also protected from external circumstances and you can twist your stock even for a very long time without hesitation. Of course, the glass can also be "recycled" afterwards in an attractive way, for example for storage purposes - sustainable and environmentally friendly! 😉

With our high quality activated carbon filters "Made in Germany" you can be sure that you are not only doing yourself and your health a favour, but also your environment.

  • Big price advantage
  • Includes all colour variants
  • Good protection against external influences
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Important: The filling type and the included colors of the activated carbon filters can vary greatly!
Content: Coconut-based activated carbon
Filter dimensions: ø 6 mm x 26,9 mm
Filterstyle: Blue, Green, White, Yellow, Organic, Pink
Filter types: XTRA Slim Size
Type of packaging: Glass
Type of packaging: 2000er