BIG Size activated carbon filter (ø 14mm)

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Experience the ultimate smoking pleasure with the PURIZE® Big Size Pre-Rolled Cone. This pre-rolled cone has been exclusively rolled with a Big Size 14mm filter and offers you an unbeatable combination of convenience and quality. Each pack contains a carefully rolled cone made from unbleached paper, already fitted with a Big Size 14mm filter. Enjoy a pure and flavorless experience without having to roll your own. The stylish packaging of the Cone adds an extra touch of elegance to your smoking experience. With an impressive length of 140 mm and a diameter of 14 mm, it offers the perfect size for a relaxed smoking moment. Advantages: Unbleached paper for pure smoking pleasure Practical single pack for convenience Stylish packaging for an appealing look Perfect size: 140 mm length, 14 mm diameter Exclusively rolled with Big Size 14mm filter The PURIZE® Big Size Pre-Rolled Cone is the ideal solution for anyone who values effortless enjoyment and top quality. Whether you're an experienced smoker or just starting out, this cone makes the smoking experience easier than ever before. Immerse yourself in the world of PURIZE® and experience the highest standards in smoking accessories. Order your Big Size Pre-Rolled Cone today and enjoy the best that the PURIZE® product line has to offer. has context menu Compose

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7 PURIZE® BIG Size Aktivkohlefilter
Il formato normale non è ancora abbastanza grande per voi?Volete fumare una vera ciambella con il vostro gruppo?Allora il nuovo filtro a carboni attivi BIG SIZE con un diametro di ø 14 mm è il filtro a carboni attivi perfetto per voi.Il BIG SIZE è disponibile in una confezione da 7 pezzi in un pratico sacchetto. L'uso dei nostri filtri a carboni attivi riduce significativamente l'assorbimento di sostanze nocive e garantisce un'esperienza di fumo fresca, asciutta e aromatica, che fa bene anche alla salute. Poiché entrambi i tappi terminali sono in ceramica, non è necessario considerare l'inserimento o la direzione di inserimento. I filtri PURIZE® sono realizzati con materie prime ecologiche, sostenibili e "Made in Germany".NOTA BENE: il nostro BIG SIZE può essere utilizzato solo con la nostra carta King Size Wide.

Content: 7 Piece (€2.84* / 1 Piece)

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3 PURIZE® BIG Size Activated Carbon Filter
The regular size is still not big enough for you? Would you like to smoke a real donut with your crew? Then the new BIG SIZE activated charcoal filter with a diameter of ø 14 mm is the perfect activated charcoal filter for you. The BIG SIZE comes in a pack of 3 in a practical and sustainable Paper PopUp, which is perfectly matched to the size of the BIG SIZE. So your Cannagar stays perfectly protected even after spinning. The use of our activated carbon filters significantly reduces the absorption of harmful substances and gives you a cool, dry and aromatic smoking experience, which is also good for your health. Since both end caps are made of ceramic, there is no direction of insertion or screwing in. PURIZE® Filters are made from environmentally friendly raw materials, are sustainable and "Made in Germany". PLEASE NOTE: our BIG SIZE can only be turned with our King Size Wide Paper.

Content: 3 Piece (€3.30* / 1 Piece)

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