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Product number: bigbag01
Product information "PURIZE® BIG Bag"
The PURIZE® Big Bag is more than just an activated charcoal bag - it is your reliable partner for the inconspicuous and odor-free transport of large quantities. With impressive dimensions of 100x60x30 cm, this bag not only offers sufficient space, but also maximum discretion when it comes to transporting your valuable or confidential items.

Features at a glance: 
1. undercover odor control:
The inside of the PURIZE® Big Bag is made of highly effective activated carbon fabric. This technology effectively adsorbs odors and prevents unwanted scents from escaping. You stay undercover, even when transporting valuable items.  
2. inconspicuous design:
With its rectangular shape and checkered pattern, the Big Bag doesn't stand out - it integrates seamlessly into different environments while always remaining inconspicuous. Perfect for discreetly stowing your "boxes" under the bed.  
3. generous storage space:
With its generous dimensions, the Big Bag offers enough space for larger quantities. Stow your items discreetly and securely - so your secret stays safe.
4. easy care for long-lasting effect:
If the activated carbon loses its effect over time, all you need to do is turn the bag inside out and expose it to the sun at a low air temperature for a short time. Alternatively, the dryer or a light blow-dry can be used to reactivate the activated carbon. . 

Length: 100 cm 
Height: 60 cm 
Width: 30 cm 
Volume: 180 L 
Color: Blue, white  
Material: Plastic with activated carbon fabric inside  

Note: To ensure the maximum service life of the activated carbon, the interior of the bag should not come into contact with humidity or water. With the PURIZE® Big Bag you stay undercover on the road - discreet, odor-free and reliable!
Colour: Blau-Rot-Weiß
Dimensions: L: 100 cm H: 60 cm B: 30 cm
Important: Der Innenraum unserer Aktivkohletasche sollte aufgrund der absorbierenden Aktivkohle nicht mit Luftfeuchtigkeit oder Wasser in Kontakt kommen! 
Material: Kunststoff mit Aktivkohlegewebe im Inneren
Volume: 180 L