PURIZE® Glass I 900 Regular Size


Content: 900 Piece (€0.12* / 1 Piece)



Available, delivery time: 2 - 5 Tage

Product number: Glas_900regular
Product information "PURIZE® Glass I 900 Regular Size"
Our PURIZE® glass filled with 900 regular size activated carbon filters.

You want to keep your filters safe without hiding them? Our new PURIZE® glass makes it possible. The glass protects your filters from the elements, making them air- and watertight. But you don't have to hide your regular size carbon filters in an opaque package, you can present them beautifully. 
We also do not make any compromises with the content: The jar contains 900 Regular Size activated carbon filters and offers you a price advantage compared to smaller packaging units. You also get our new 9mm activated carbon filters - we have adapted the design for you!

  • Good protection for your filters
  • Limited special edition
  • Price advantage

Content: Coconut-based activated carbon
Filter dimensions: ø 9 mm x 36 mm
Filterstyle: White
Filter types: Regular Size
Type of packaging: Glass
Type of packaging: 900er