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PURIZE® Activated carbon bag M
Lousy for the stink: Our PURIZE® activated charcoal bag-M!The new PURIZE® activated charcoal bag is made with airtight materials, a waterproof zipper and an activated charcoal lining, so that odors are absorbed very well - just lousy for the stink. The bag offers enough space to transport beloved objects and utensils from A to B as odor-free and anonymous as possible. Even with the design you stay undercover: classic, minimalist, medical and timeless - so it fits. And when it comes down to it, the materials keep the smell, the lock keeps the long fingers away especially: so we have integrated a secure locking mechanism into the backpack, so that everything remains nice and safe.Advantages:Leaves little chance for unwanted odors to escapeChic, timeless designThe interior of our activated carbon bag should not come into contact with humidity or water due to the absorbent activated carbon! Dimensions: L: 285 mm H: 200 mm Produced in: China

24 , 90 *

PURIZE® Activated carbon bag S
The PURIZE® activated charcoal baggie in S!Made with air-tight materials, a water-proof ziplock and manufactured with a layer of activated charcoal, this bag is as smell-proof as it gets.The bag offers enough space so you can fit in your most beloved items you don’t want other people to smell.The very sleek design lets you carry undercover in a timeless, low-key manner.Advantages:Leaves little chance for undesirable odors to developChic, timeless designThe interior of our activated charcoal bag should not come into contact with humidity or water due to the absorbent activated charcoal! Dimensions:L: 205 mmH: 145 mm Made in: China

18 , 90 *

PURIZE® Activated carbon bag XS
 The PURIZE® activated carbon baggie in XS! Made with air-tight materials, a water-proof ziplock and manufactured with a layer of activated charcoal, this bag is as smell-proof as it gets. The bag offers enough space so you can fit in your most beloved items you don’t want other people to smell. The very sleek design lets you carry undercover in a timeless, low-key manner. Advantages: no more uncomfortable smellsMinimalistic designMaximum weight limit: Your everyday 5g stash Size :L: 100mmH: 90mm

9 , 90 *

PURIZE® Activated carbon Beltbag
Our new PURIZE® beltbag is out and its handy.Made from smelly proof materials and fed with activated charcoal its sure to keep all your smells on the inside of the bag.

34 , 90 * €44.90*

PURIZE® Activated carbon Shoulder Bag
It is simple - suits everyone. It is qualitative - lasts forever. It is odor absorbent - nothing stinks!Our new Shoulder Bag is processed with airtight materials, a waterproof zipper and an activated carbon lining, which can absorb odors very well. Thus, the unwanted leakage of odors with this bag is prevented in the best possible way!Advantages:Odor absorbentHigh qualityWater repellentCaution: It is essential to prevent liquids from leaking inside! The leakage of liquids can ensure that the activated carbon flow is permanently damaged!The activated charcoal fleece can lose its effect over time. Should this be the case, simply flip the bag over so that the inside is on the outside. Then place the bag in the sun at low air temperature for 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can throw it in the dryer for 10 minutes at a low temperature or blow dry it at a low temperature. Increased temperatures will free and activate the carbon pores again. You can now continue to use the bag normally.Produced in: China

39 , 90 *

PURIZE® Alltagsmaske
Stay safe, stay green – gemeinsam gegen das Virus!Kämpfe gemeinsam mit uns gegen den Corona-Virus! Unsere neue PURIZE® Maske schützt dabei vor allen Dingen die Menschen in Deiner Umgebung und wird in den nächsten Wochen definitiv Dein treuer Alltagsbegleiter.Die Maske ist leicht und erschwert die Atmung nicht, was langes Tragen erheblich erleichtert. Bei der Auswahl des Materials haben wir auf Nachhaltigkeit gesetzt, so besteht die PURIZE® Alltagsmaske aus 100 % Baumwolle.Vorteile:Tue Gutes für Dich und die Menschen in Deiner UmgebungBekämpfe gemeinsam mit uns das VirusNachhaltige Materialien - für unsere UmweltMaterial: 100% Baumwolle

2 , 50 *

PURIZE® Ashtray
laser engraved PURIZE® logo in the middle of the ashtray and website on the rim.High quality metal meets classic design!Advantages of PURIZE®:exclusiveoriginal coffee shop modeldurableDimensions: ⌀13mm x 2.3mm

9 , 00 *

PURIZE® Beanie
Perfect match in any weather: the new PURIZE®️ beanie for tight heads.

Your closet is happy, we may present you our latest part of the merch collection. Above all, the timing fits: even though you can wear the cuddly beanie all year round, it is especially suitable for the colder season. The new, cheeky headwear is of course unisex - and unisize. The fabric has a particularly comfortable feel and the familiar PURIZE®️ badge gives the good piece its usual playful, casual character.
By the way, together with our PURIZE®️ hoodie, our PURIZE®️ beanie looks particularly strong ;)
Advantages:Comfortable to wear
Perfect match with our merch collection
Unisize and unisex Material: 100% polyacrylic (Heather Grey: 55% polyester, 45% polyacrylic)

9 , 90 *

Our PURIZE® cup with the motto "Sipp n' Smoke" comes in a casual design suitable for your next Wake 'n' Bake!Advantages:exclusive only at PURIZE®unique designinexpensiveMaterial: ceramicWeight: 365 gDimensions: H x W = 9.7 x 8 cmfilling quantity: 320 ml

9 , 90 *

PURIZE® Drink bottle 0,75 l
Our PURIZE® Tacx drinking bottle "Shiva O2" comes in a fresh PURIZE® design and is the ideal companion for on the go! Advantages:Material made from 100% sugar caneBiodegradableRobust model with high capacity

4 , 90 *

PURIZE® Hoodie I Burgundy | M
Size: M
Show Support: The PURIZE® Hoodie - now also available in Burgundy!Your new favorite hoodie is now also available in the color Burgundy! Simple, casual and cool. The hoodie comes with kangaroo pockets and keeps you warm even on cold days! Made of cotton, the sweater is comfortable to wear - chill session approved!Advantages:New colorwayPURIZE® BrandingComfortable to wearMaterial: 80% cotton, 20% polyester. Style: Normal / Unisex.PS: Our hoodies run a little smaller, so it's best to get a size up 😉

ab 35 , 00 *

PURIZE® Hoodie I Grey
Size: M
Show Support: The PURIZE® Hoodie from our exclusive Livestyle CollectionOur popular and exclusive PURIZE® Hoodie in grey with logo Simple yet casual, this warm & cosy hoodie with kangaroo pocket & hidden openings for your headphone cord will be the perfect companion for the cold season! Our hoodie is the heart of our lifestyle collection and a real must-have for PURIZE® supporters! The simple and unobtrusive design allows you to wear your new favourite hoodie in public. The cotton gives our hoodie an incredibly chilly feel - perfect to become your favourite hoodie for chilly days!Advantages:Simple, timeless designPURIZE®-BrandingExclusive lifestyle articleMaterial: 80 % cotton, 20 % polyester. Style: Normal / Unisex.PS: Our hoodies are a little smaller, so grab a bigger size! 😉

ab 39 , 90 *

PURIZE® Inflatable Jibbit
The new PURIZE® Jibbit - inflatable in XXL format!You are still looking for the right accessories for your living room wall or want to be well armed at the next festival? Our PURIZE® Jibbit will help you in the best way, because, no matter where, with our XXL Jibbit you will definitely attract attention!Length: 115 cm.Material: PVC

12 , 90 *

PURIZE® Kettenanhänger aus 925 Silber mit 24k Vergoldung + Swarovski-Stein
Hier gibt es nun erstmalig unseren PURIZE® Kettenanhänger aus 925 Silber mit einer 24 Karat Oberflächen-Vergoldung und einem Swarovski SteinDu suchst nach dem passenden Anhänger zu Deiner Kette? Egal ob Leder- oder Goldkette, mit unserem Anhänger bist Du in jedem Fall stylisch gewappnet!Material und Pflege:Anhänger: 925 SilberOberfläche: 24 Karat vergoldet

50 , 00 * €79.00*

With this noble & simple LED lamp your chillout area becomes a real eye-catcher!Material: birch wood, plexiglassAdvantages:Lamp made of woodhigh-quality plexiglassgenuine birch wood processedDimensions: L x D x H = 15 x 5 x 7.5 cmContents: wooden stand, PURIZE® logo milled from Plexiglas, power supply unit (230 V) 

17 , 50 *

PURIZE® Lighter Booth
This lovely wooden stand for your Clipper lighters is the perfect way to display your favourite lighters, specially carved out to fit your clippers like a glove. We at PURIZE® have made sure to use the best materials we could find and stay as eco-friendly as possible.

19 , 00 *

PURIZE® Logo Sticker
The new PURIZE® logo sticker - perfect to stick on your windows, car or other smooth materials!It has a length of 23.5 centimeters and a height of 9 centimeters.

4 , 20 *

PURIZE® Paper Dispenser
Looking for your pack of skins is a thing of the past, now with our paper dispenser you`ll always know where your papers are.Comes with 2 slots for regular King size and one for ultra slim papers.never have to look for papes again!

19 , 90 *

PURIZE® T-Shirt | M
Size: M
Our PURIZE® T-shirt is made of 100% combed and ring-spun cotton.The fabric is soft & comfortable to wear. The shape-retaining, regular cut T-shirt will be your new & robust everyday companion.Our shirts are slightly smaller, please consider this when choosing your size!Material: 100 % CottonWeight: 185 gr. / m²Advantages:plain designPURIZE®-BrandingPleasant wearing comfort

ab 19 , 90 * ab €25.00*

PURIZE® Towelie | Embroidered Logo | Grün
Available colors:
Colour: Grün
For bath and beach: Our new PURIZE® towel with high-quality logo embroidery in different colours.Towelie once said: And never forget the towel! Of course we agree with our favourite bathing article - from now on you can get the new PURIZE® Towelie in our webshop!Only the best fabric is available, scratchy is not an option. That's why our exclusive PURIZE® Towelie is made of high quality fabric.Due to its practical size of 140×70 cm our Towlie cuts a fine figure on the stand as well as in the shower!Advantages:High quality stickPleasant substanceExclusive Merch article - only available in the webshop!fast drying and extra absorbent

ab 19 , 00 *

PURIZE® x BIC I Doodle Design
Get the new PURIZE® X BIC® lighter with exclusively designed doodle style pop-art.

1 , 75*

PURIZE® x BIC I miniBIC I Doodle-Design
Get the new PURIZE® collaboration with BIC! The oval shape, the particularly robust quality and also the safety bar are special features of the popular BIC lighter. The French traditional company focuses on quality, that you also notice in the longevity of the lighter - because with the BIC lighter you have up to 1,450 ignitions free and get along for several weeks with only one lighter!

1 , 50 *

PURIZE® X The Plug | Vest
Size: S
The new exclusive PURIZE® x The Plug vest is limited to 100 pcs! The vest not only looks stylish, it even keeps warm in autumnal temperatures, but can also be worn at a relaxed 25 degrees! Outer material: 100% polyamideLining: 100% PolyesterPadding: 100% PolyesterPockets: 2 x front pockets + 1 x breast pocket insideField of application: outdoor/leisureWashing & care instructions: No bleaching possible, No ironing, Washable up to 30°CWomen/Men/Children: Women/MenClothing layer: Outer layerSummer/Winter/All year: Allround

ab 69 , 00 * ab €79.00*

Stigga Zoo XXL
Our entire PURIZE® Stigga Zoo in one package!Advantages:exclusive only at PURIZE®several designsinexpensive Content: 30 stigga from 10 different motifs á 3 pieces

2 , 50 *

Stay green & become a part of the PURIZE®-Movement!

Always stay green: Whether in everyday life or while chilling - we like to wear our favourite colour on our skin. You too?! All our products are "made with green passion in Großräschen" and follow the highest quality standards.

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