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The new exclusive HOTBOX CLIPPER now available.CLIPPER® is an integral part of the smoking scene - appealing design, cool gadgets and a must for collectors. Get your special edition in bright green including PURIZE® logo! Our CLIPPER® is made of unbreakable and fireproof nylon and therefore also scores in terms of safety. Due to the well thought-out product design, the Clipper offers you two special advantages for your everyday smoking life: On the one hand, the flame enlarges when tilted downwards, which makes the Clipper the perfect bong lighter, on the other hand, the ignition pin can be removed and can be used, for example, to plug up your self-twisted cigarette lighter. Clippers are refillable, the flint can be changed as well - so you can use your Clipper for a long time and make the right decision compared to disposable lighters in terms of the environment!Certified according to ISO 9994.Child safety device according to EN 13869.Break and fire resistant nylon body.Self-regulating flame.Isobutane gas in its purest form.Odorless and constant burning flame.Up to 3,000 ignitions, gas and flint refillable.

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PURIZE® x HOTBOX Glass 100 XTRA Slim Size
Really organic: Our 100 XTRA Slim Size activated carbon filter glasses in an upcycled glass!By using glass for packaging purposes, your filters are of course also protected from external circumstances and keeps your inventory nice, fresh ,and ready to roll. Of course, the glass can also be "recycled" afterwards in an attractive way, for example for storage purposes - sustainable and environmentally friendly! 😉With our high quality activated carbon filters "Made in Germany" you can be sure that you are not only doing yourself and your health a favour, but also your environment.Advantages:High quality activated carbon filtersGood protection against external influencesEnvironmentally friendly and sustainable

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PURIZE® x HOTBOX I Metal Tray I Green
The Metal Tray is perfect for use as a rotating base!Advantages:order in the smoking needsexclusive designperfect construction baseMaterial: Metaldimensions: approx. 27 x 16 x 2,5 cm

6 , 99*

PURIZE® x HOTBOX King Size Slim Papers
For the late hours: Our King Size Papers in the exclusive HOTBOX-Edition!You want the best burning behaviour, tasteless papers and simply something different? You can have them: With our PURIZE® King Size Papers in the exclusive HOTBOX-Edition with 32 sheets. With natural gum, vegetarian and organic. We have also made sure to use only the best unbleached paper for you. These natural, unbleached fibres provide the natural colour. The weight of our papers also speaks of quality: the papers are so thin that you can easily see through them, which also benefits the taste.Also discover our brown PURIZE® King Size Papers, our pink Paper Rolls and our value pack of 40 packs of KSS papers!Advantages:Unique DesignFlavourless14,5 g/m2Contents: 1 package

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We love Diversity: Activated charcoal filter from PURIZE

The best coconut-based activated carbon is only one component of the recipe for success of our filters: With our two size variants, best draught, highest reliability and the different colour specials, everyone gets his money's worth.