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XTRA Slim Size activated carbon filters (ø 5,9 mm)

PURIZE® Glass I 60 Cannaseur XTRA
Attention: The Cannaseur XTRA activated carbon filters offered here are prototypes. The prototypes may have problems with the printed image until mass production. The print image may smear due to the effect of moisture - however, this is harmless because we only work with food-safe ink. We are on it and will soon be mass producing the Cannaseur!We were wondering how to take the already very unique taste experience of our XTRA Slim Size to the next level.... After many prototypes and even more test trials, we are happy to present you the new PURIZE® Cannaseur XTRA activated carbon filter! Probably the longest activated carbon filter for roll-your-own in the world.The special thing about our new Cannaseur XTRA activated charcoal filter is that it cools the smoke even more due to the extended smoke path. As with all' our high quality activated carbon filters, we put a lot of emphasis on sustainable and effective raw materials for our Cannaseur XTRA. Therefore, even our longest filter is filled with recycled coconut shell-based activated carbon. Of course, our Cannaseur XTRA has heat-resistant ceramic caps on both sides, which ensure that in addition to additional filtration of pollutants, you don't have to worry about which side you roll the activated carbon filter in. Our paper sleeve is also made of our special filtering paper, as you are already used to, which is also capable of filtering toxic pollutants!Advantages:High quality activated carbon filtersGood protection against external influencesEnvironmentally friendly and sustainableCooled smoke and less pollutants

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PURIZE® Glass I All-in-One Mixed Filter Jar

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