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Grinder von Storz und Bickel®

Storz & Bickel® Grinder
2-piece plastic grinder XL from Storz & Bickel® with extra sharp incisors for finely ground herbs!Discover our other grinders in store aswell !diameter: ø 59 mmAdvantages:Sharp teeth2-part grinderHigh quality processing

4 , 95*

Storz & Bickel® Grinder XL | Spezial | O.M.P. - Marvin Game | Lugatti | Super Static
Matching the new release "O.M.P" by Marvin Game, Lugatti and Super Static here comes the orange medical plastic grinder, incl. 1 set of O.M.P. stickersDiscover now also our other grinders in the shop!diameter: ø 90 mmAdvantages:Sharp teeth2-part grinderHigh quality processing

9 , 90 *

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